Welcome To Vendetta's CLAN - introduction to the clan guide rules

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Welcome To Vendetta's CLAN - introduction to the clan guide rules

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:11 am

Hi Girls and Boys, women and men of this great family,We are moving one step ahead for a bright future and this WEBFORUM will be a fundamental tool on our success, This will be our daily tool for our own development.


- LVL 70+
- Friendly person
- BACKGROUND CHECK ( no scamming record or any sort of troublemakers)


- WIll be given a "recruit' rank and will start with clan bonus = 5 points
- The new member will be given a tutor who will pretty much be your Guide
- No begging
- No fighting
- No ks unless it has a reason for it but always talk to a general or the chief
- New members are elegible for drops once they have the required amount of points

How we expect the clan to work :

First of all a clan works through hierarchy, by other meanings "rank", We have:

- (Recruits : recently joined the clan) " we expect you to be friendly, cooperate with others, help as much as u can before u even think of asking for drops, we have a system for drops which must be followed, we also expect u to lvl atleast 1 lvl a day "

- (Clansman: someone who has either started to prove themselves or some new member with some knoledge of the game)' " we expect same than from recruit ppl but with the difference you must be aimimg for next rank, so working with the generals would be ideal for ur progress within the clan and as a indidivual player"

- (Guardians: Someone who has already proven their trusth and respect) " guardians must welcome and brief new members, aswell as camping for bosses , scouting for new recruits is very important, guardians also meant to lvl at least 1 lvl a day"

- (Generals: Someone who not only has proven their trusth and respect but also shown incredibly efficience on the field, they know what they are doing) " Generals are also the soul of the clan, they will be the ones with eyes open on everything, monitoring clan chat, members behaviours and development, generals are not expected a certain amount of lvl... they already know what they r supposed to

- ( chief: just a punchbag who nobody actually want to be) " dont worrie about the chief, hes just like englands Prime minister

Right, we are also developing a System for DROPS, aswell as a TUTOR SCHEME where for each class there will be a Tutor and this person will be responsible for looking after players on that class, making sure they have the right stats, have the right objectives, pretty much everyone working together....


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